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Pertinent Information and Q&A with Our Head Actuary Every Weekday, Streamed Live at 10 AM CST

Join head actuary Dan Slater (FSA, MAAA) every weekday morning for a 20-30 minute video live stream analyzing key insurance fundamentals, daily action items in the financial industry and insightful information for the day ahead.

Every weekday morning at 10 am CST Dan will share analysis and insight on one component of these key areas:

  • Insurance Fundamentals: Understanding components of how the insurance watch works (Bonds, Yields, Income, IRR, Hedging, Leverage and more)
  • Action Item for the Day: Move beyond the paralyzing news feeds, make things happen! (remote tech, client reviews, add premiums, allocations, prospecting)
  • Carrier Info for the Day: Stay ahead of the curve on rate changes, feature changes, updates, and new deadlines to watch for

Plus, after each session stick around for Q&A and have your insurance questions answered live!

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Catch Up on Past Take 5 Live Sessions

5/29/20 Take 5 Live #49

Dan walks through different annuity strategies surrounding accumulation.



5/28/20 Take 5 Live #48

Dan invites the head of Core's Life division, Jeremy Bickler, CLU® to discuss different FIUL strategies you can use for college funding.



5/27/20 Take 5 Live #47

Dan goes over how to position and present the LTC conversation with your clients using our Health and Wealth sales system as an example.



5/26/20 Take 5 Live #46

Dan analyzes a guaranteed income product that has been very popular recently.



5/22/20 Take 5 Live #45

Dan analyzes the IRR between combining different insurance products with pension income.



5/21/20 Take 5 Live #44

Dan invites head of Core Life, Jeremy Bickler CLU® to discuss some recent case studies.



5/20/20 Take 5 Live #43

Dan goes over how to maximize tax deductions with LTC policies.

Links: Maximizing LTC Tax Deductions Webinar | LTC Tax Deductions Flowchart



5/19/20 Take 5 Live #42

Dan invites the head of Core's life brokerage, Jeremy Bickler CLU®, to discuss IRA to IUL strategies in response to the SECURE Act put into law early in 2020.



5/18/20 Take 5 Live #41

Dan goes over different annuity strategies for clients age 70 and up.



5/15/20 Take 5 Live #40

Dan goes over how your clients tend to look at their major retirement risks and not only how you can address these risks but how you can frame the conversation.

Links: Kiplinger: Solving the Biggest Risk in Retirement | Prudential: Managing the 7 Risks to Retirement Income | Delaware Life: Risk Management | Tacchino: Retirement Planning



5/14/20 Take 5 Live #39

Dan goes over the April indexes report.

Link: Core April Indexes Report



5/13/20 Take 5 Live #38

"The SECURE Act" -- Dan gives a refresher on the SECURE Act and gives actionable items you can do with your clients today.

Links: Watch the full SECURE Act webinar | SECURE Act Reference Guide



5/12/20 Take 5 Live #37

"How To Run a Life Quote On Our Website" -- Dan goes over how to run simple life quotes on our website using iPipeline.



5/11/20 Take 5 Live #36

"NQ Tax" -- Dan gives insight and analysis to taxes specifically for non-qualified annuities.



5/8/20 Take 5 Live #35 - Special Guest Marc Minor

Dan invites back special guest Marc Minor (RFP, CFF) to share insight on on the set up and positioning of his financial plans and the software he uses to deliver the details!

Links: Watch Past Episodes with Marc and Learn More about Core Special Pricing



5/7/20 Take 5 Live #34

"To Inflate or Not to Inflate?" -- Concerning Asset-Based LTC policies Dan analyzes whether to build inflation into your policy or to structure it differently.



5/6/20 Take 5 Live #33

"I Want to Retire Early and Use My IRA/401(k)" -- Dan analyzes the math and reasoning behind IRA/401(k) withdrawal strategies available to your clients that would like to retire earlier than they initially planned.



5/5/20 Take 5 Live #32

Dan invites head of Core's life division, Jeremy Bickler CLU®, to discuss IUL allocations and index lock.



5/4/20 Take 5 Live #31

Dan analyzes and discusses the evolution of two tier annuitization & SWB.



5/1/20 Take 5 Live #30

Dan analyzes the underlying math behind losses and gains and what it means for your clients.

Links: JP Morgan Guide to the Markets (Q1 2020)



4/30/20 Take 5 Live #29

"ROP *and tradeoffs" -- Dan discusses ROPs and analyzes the tradeoffs you should consider from a mathematical perspective when evaluating their usage.



4/29/20 Take 5 Live #28

"Social Security" -- Dan discusses and analyzes the math behind answering the common client question: "When should I start taking social security?"



4/28/20 Take 5 Live #27

"Control, Options, and Flexibility in Life Insurance" -- Dan invites head of Core's life division, Jeremy Bickler CLU®, to discuss different strategies for implementing control and flexibility into your life insurance policy selection for your clients.



4/27/20 Take 5 Live #26

"Rates Up, Prices Down" -- Dan discusses and analyzes the teeter-totter relationship between interest rates and bond prices.

Links: Interest Rate Risk PDF



4/24/20 Take 5 Live #25

"4%" -- Dan discusses and analyzes the 4% withdrawal rule and goes over different mathematical tools that you can use to find optimal drawdowns for your clients.

Links: Wade Pfau 2.4% Rule | Declining Income in 4% Withdrawal | "Revisiting 4%" Whitepaper



4/23/20 Take 5 Live #24

Dan discusses and analyzes qualified longevity annuity contracts, QLACs, from a marketing perspective and a funding/purpose perspective.



4/22/20 Take 5 Live #23

Dan discusses the impact of compound interest on inflation and how this can affect your client's retirement planning.



4/21/20 Take 5 Live #22

Dan invites head of Core's life division, Jeremy Bickler CLU®, to discuss recent life carrier changes and review a recent case study that came across Jeremy's desk.

Links: Fluidless Underwriting for Core Carriers



4/20/20 Take 5 Live #21

With social distancing and stay at home orders in place, it's difficult to run client appreciation events. Dan goes over a strategy you can use to run a virtual client appreciation event.

Links: Running a Virtual Magic Show Resources | Your Guide to Client Appreciation Events



4/17/20 Take 5 Live #20

Dan talks about one of the biggest risks to your client's retirement plan, long-term care costs. He also gives an overview of our Health & Wealth sales system that helps enable conversations and solutions for your client surrounding this topic.

Contact chris@coreincome.com or dan@coreincome.com if you're interested in learning more about our Health & Wealth sales system.

Links: Health & Wealth Info | Watch Comparative Analysis: Asset-Based LTC Webinar | Watch LTC Tax Deductions Webinar



4/16/20 Take 5 Live #19

"How Long Will I Live?" -- Determining how long your clients will be alive for is central for crafting a comprehensive retirement plan. Dan discusses how to approach and answer this question from an actuarial perspective to give your clients the most informed decision on this question for their retirement planning.



4/15/20 Take 5 Live #18

"Take the Money" -- Dan analyzes an in-force annuity case study that recently came across his desk.



4/14/20 Take 5 Live #17

Dan invites the head of our life division, Jeremy Bickler CLU®, to discuss recent carrier changes and case studies surrounding term and other types of life insurance.



4/13/20 Take 5 Live #16

Dan discusses fixed income alternatives and how to use bonds or other fixed income tools to generate income through the lens of a balance sheet perspective.

Links: 73f 1yr ProtGI | 73f 1yr Max Income



4/9/20 Take 5 Live #15

Dan dissects and analyzes a fixed income alternative, MYGA product that has been getting a lot of traction among agents recently.

Links: MYGA Rate Special Email



4/8/20 Take 5 Live #14

Dan goes over Q1 2020's index reports and discusses the Black-Scholes equation and how it's used as a fundamental building block in pricing certain annuities.

Links: March 2020 Index Report | February 2020 Index Report | January 2020 Index Report | Black-Scholes Calculator



4/7/20 Take 5 Live #13

Dan invites Jeremy Bickler CLU®, the head of our life division, to discuss new life carrier changes as well as analyze a recent life insurance case study.

Links: Fluidless/Accelerated Underwriting for Core Carriers 



4/6/20 Take 5 Live #12

Dan demonstrates how to access and use our FireLight annuity eApp system. If you'd like to get set up with using our FireLight system, please contact us at 800.541.7713 or email dan@coreincome.com.



4/3/20 Take 5 Live #11 - Special Guest Marc Minor

In this episode Dan invites special guest Marc Minor to discuss what he's currently doing in his practice for marketing in a remote environment. Marc will discuss the methods he's currently using to host and facilitate high impact client events in a REMOTE setting.

In addition, he'll go over other essential marketing tools you can use to accelerate your practice's marketing in the new business environment we find ourselves in.

Links: Request Info on Core Advisor Controls



4/2/20 Take 5 Live #10

Dan discusses provisions of the CARES Act and important parts to keep in mind for your clients and business owner clients.

Links: US Chamber of Commerce Small Business Guide & Checklist



4/1/20 Take 5 Live #9

Dan discusses how you can leverage policies that you already have on the books with current clients. The specifics of doing this and the required due diligence that we can help you with.



3/31/20 Take 5 Live #8

Dan invites the head of our life division, Jeremy Bickler, to discuss some recent updates to life carriers. Jeremy and Dan also discuss a great life insurance case study that recently came through the life brokerage and may be applicable with many of your clients.

Links: Fluidless Accelerated Underwriting for Core Carriers (Updated 3/31/20) & Core's Life Insurance Policy Review Kit



3/30/20 Take 5 Live #7

Dan talks about the client 'experience' as it relates to how their policies have been performing, particularly focusing on indexed annuities. In addition, Dan walks through how you can use annual statements during your meetings.



3/27/20 Take 5 Live #6 - Special Guest Marc Minor

Dan invites $3M GDC producer Marc Minor, RFC, CFF onto the show to discuss how he’s not only operating his business remotely but having it thrive remotely.

If you have questions about the technologies and systematic approaches you need in place to successfully pivot to working remotely no matter the size of your practice, this is the episode to watch!

Links: Request Info on Core Advisor Controls



3/26/20 Take 5 Live #5

In this episode Dan discusses different techniques to navigate volatile markets with your clients as well as outlining different facets of sequence of returns risk.

Links: Sequence of Returns Risk & 6 Tips to Navigate Volatile Markets



3/25/20 Take 5 Live #4

Dan outlines and discusses opportunities as it relates to increasing income options for clients that are either about to retire or have already retired.

Links: Carrier Update Feed Link



3/24/20 Take 5 Live #3

Dan invites the head of our Life division, Jeremy Bickler, to discuss important updates with major life carriers that are rapidly changing on a daily basis as well as how these companies are adapting to a remote work environment.

Links: Core Life Carrier Status Report (Updated 3/24/2020)



3/23/20 Take 5 Live #2

Building off of last episode's discussion of fixed income yields, Dan discusses how insurance companies are rated in this arena and others, as well as how company ratings can factor into product selection.

Links: Comdex Ratings PDF



3/20/20 Take 5 Live #1

Dan goes over the basics of Take 5 Live and discusses equity & bond markets as they relate to insurance companies and where fixed income yields are over the past couple of weeks and what that means in terms of products.

Links: Carrier Update Feed Link